Automated regression test of your website

Advantage of an regularly automated check of your website

It is important for you to know that your site has still the same functions.
It is possible that a change you or your webmaster or hosting provider as a result of which the site, outside of your attention, no longer as functions as before.

Important are the following aspects:


  • he site visitor can still navigate through the pages in the same way?
  • The user can still get the expected information of the products or service?
  • The user can still complete and submit the forms?
  • Is the speed of the site (the response time) become too slow?


We run a daily (every hour is also possible) automated check for you so that you will be informed if there is a problem and the site is not working as you are used to.
This check runs on the system of itself. 
So you don't need to do anything.


Method preparation design automated regression test:


1. First of all we will discuss with you the checks that should be carried out such as:

  • Which click paths are the most important and critical for your business? (A click path is a route that a user could make the website.)
  • Which menus, pages, texts, buttons, field names should be monitored so that they be shown
  • What should the maximum response time are certain important click action
  • Specific wishes of you
  • What is the frequency of the control. (Every hour/daily/weekly/monthly)

2. We make an offer consisting of: detailed quotation, a test design, example report of a small test run of your site.
3. After your agreement we make the test process in our system. Then we run a trial test first with a simulated deviation. We send you the testresult.
4. After your agreement on the performed test run with deviations-report we start the next official first testrun. 
You will receive the invoice per period as indicated in the quotation.


The costs of the regularly automated regression test

The costs are determined by the desired frequency of checking (1 x per hour, per day or per week) and the extent of the controls.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Starting from € 15.-per month with an annual subscription..
  • Starting from € 25.-per month is it possible to cancel at any time.

We do you have multiple proposals so that you can choose between a simple or an extended control. 
Any proposal we give the corresponding monthly fee. 


Changes of the website.

Minor changes.

If a small change is made on your site our control system that detects..

You will receive a notification.
If you do not respond to within a week if this is true, it will be adapted to the new situation by us clickscript. 
The specific message will not be created any more.
Also now you don't need to do anything.

Major changes

If a big change on your site is made, it may be necessary to change the click path in our clicscript of the test.
After your agreement to the changes to our review process and the evt. modified costs incurred, we carry the changes.

Please contact us for the possibilities. Go to the page Contact where you can ask your question or can request a quotation.